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BW Whois Proxy Service

Would you like to run BW Whois but don't want to install it on your server? Does your host block the use of CGI scripts, or scripts that connect to other servers (as a whois scripts must)? Perhaps you don't have MySQL on your server or a recent version of perl?

For those of you in a situation like that, you're in the right place! You may now run BW Whois on my server!

BW Whois Proxy Service
Administration Control Panel

How it works

With BW Whois Proxy Service your whois pages will always use the latest version of BW Whois, with all its performance and security features fully enabled. In fact, by sharing a cache with other sites using this system, many queries respond much faster than otherwise becuase they don't have to wait for a response from busy remote whois servers.

Your whois pages will be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your site. You create and manage your own HTML files. Use your favorite HTML editor to create your pages, and cut-and-paste them into the system with a simple control panel. Create links to your new whois pages from your web site, and your done! It's that easy!

What it Costs

For just $150 per year, your whois will run on the same server as the official BW Whois distribution site, with all the performance and security features enabled.

The URL for your whois pages will be where sitename will be the name you choose. If you would prefer a URL like please add $50 per year for DNS service, and select "Enhanced URL" in the form below.

Sign Up Here!

Normal URL

Enhanced URL

Please indicate a sitename for your whois proxy service:

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy too! Just use the "Sign Up Here!" form and press the "PayPal Check Out" button to pay with any major credit card. Or, you may contact Bill to arrange for another method of payment. Be sure to include your choice of sitename in your comments on the PayPal payment form, or let us know by email.

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